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RV Sticker Club


The RV Sticker Club is an international community of camping enthusiasts who trade RV/camper/van/bus stickers using the hashtag #rvstickerclub on Instagram! 

It's free to join! Come up with a design for your RV/camper/van/bus/tent and get your stickers made. 


When your stickers come in, post them on Instagram using the hashtag #rvstickerclub and tag us (@rvstickerclub)!


People will DM (direct message) you to trade, or you can message them! 

Exchange addresses. 

Watch your collection grow!

Be part of the Club with an official RV Sticker Club sticker! 

RV Sticker Club sticker designed by @xbrewsleepdrawx


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I come up with a logo?

You can design one yourself on a paint program on your computer or hire someone to design it for you! We have a list of sticker designers below! 

Do I have to be a full time RVer?

Nope! You can be full time, part time, weekender- as long as you're part of the traveling/ RV community. 

Where do I get my stickers printed at?

We highly suggest Sticker Mule. The quality of the stickers are excellent! Click here for a $10 credit! 

What is the average size of sticker I should order? Should I get die cut or paper backing?

3" x 3" is a popular size! Die Cut stickers are also the most traded. 

I'm a new member- how many stickers should I order for the first time?

We had the RV Sticker Club Members vote and the winning answer was to order between 100-200 stickers for your first time trading! 

Is there a fee to join the RV Sticker Club?

Nope! This Club is free to be a part of it. We do have two RV Sticker Club stickers available for $3.50 each (free shipping in the United States) if you'd like to show your support for this awesome club, but there is no pressure to buy anything. Click here to visit our store! 

Can you send me a sticker without trading one back?

That is up to each member of the RV Sticker Club. We suggest having a sticker to trade back. The point of this Club isn't free stickers, it's making connections and meeting like-minded travelers! 

I have a van, can I still be a part of the RV Sticker Club?

All travelers are welcome!  RVs/campers/vans/buses/cars- it doesn't matter!

Can I trade stickers with you?

Sure! Send us a DM at @flyinghamrentals 

Sticker Designers we love

Contact these Graphic Artists to design the perfect logo for you!

Blogs about The RV Sticker Club!


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Sticker Mule Credit

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