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Flamingo Skeletons!

I just love Halloween! I love the fall leaves and the pumpkins. I also love making Halloween costumes and crafts. I'm a little sad to see summer go, we had a great summer and got to see Banff National Park in Canada for the first time.

This summer I noticed that flamingos were really popular. Plastic flamingos and vintage campers just seem to yell summer, doesn't it? We are taking the boys camping over fall break, and I wanted to decorate the outside of the camper with flamingos- but with a Halloween twist. Skeleton Flamingos!! Or do I call them Skelamingos? Or Flameletons? Haha anyway, here are instructions to make your own Skeleton Flamingos!



You can buy these plastic flamingos at Lowes for $7.98. I found mine at the outdoor garden section at our store.


Take off the metal legs and plastic beaks, set aside. My flamingos were dirty from sitting outside at Lowes, so just wipe them off to make sure they're clean before painting.


Spray paint both sides of the flamingos with the black spray paint. Let dry. Apply multiple coats, if needed to completely cover all the pink.


Use the white paint, and paint "bones" on the flamingo's neck and body. Repeat on both sides. Use the red paint for the eyes. Let dry.


That's it! They are easy to make and really look awesome! Perfect for the camper or your front lawn. Happy Halloween!

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