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1967 ford truck


Rent this 1967 F100 Truck for photo sessions, music videos, films, and more! We will deliver the truck to your location, and after you're done we'll pick it up. 

What are your prices for the truck rental?
Starting at $475 for delivery and drop off to one location (ex-photo session). Extra options would include us driving the truck for filming purposes. To reserve the truck, fill out the form below! 

Can I rent a camper along with the truck? Is the truck able to pull the camper?

Yes! You can rent the truck and a camper. Just add that info in the form below. We rebuilt the truck's engine and it's powerful enough to tow any of our campers! 

Is this an original truck?

Yes, this truck was my grandfather's. He bought it brand new in 1967 and we towed it back from our family ranch in Montana. We have been restoring it mechanically back to it's original state. The truck is a 1967 4x4 with a 352 Big Block, and only 3,500 trucks of it's kind were made that year. 

Are there scratches and dents? Or is this truck fully restored? 

This truck is an old Montana farm truck and it worked hard most of it's life. There are multiple scratches and dents. We think it adds character. If you are looking for a fully restored truck, than our F100 may not be the best fit.

Can I drive the F100 Truck?

No, we're sorry. We don't allow anyone to drive the truck.

I need to film this truck driving, is there someone who is able to drive it during a video shoot?

Yes, we are able to drive it while you're filming! The truck is also able to tow the camper. Just let us know that you need us to drive it in the form below. 

Fall pictures classic truck
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Thanks for submitting! If you don't hear from us within 48 hours, please reach out again!

F100 for rent Nashville.jpg
F100 for rent Nashville TN.jpg

Wood bed rails and Montana mudflaps can be removed easily to fit the look you want! 

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