Frequently asked questions

What are your prices?

The 16 foot Hams are $170/night and the 19 foot Ham is $185/night.


The tents are $155 for 1 night. $250 for 2 nights. $300 for 3 nights. Festival packages are $650 for 4 nights. 

We are proud to offer FREE delivery within 30 miles of Nashville.  For deliveries further than 30 miles, we charge $1.50/mile. 

Can I tow the camper myself? Can I take a tent out of state?

No, sorry but our campers are delivery only. We deliver to any location of your choice! Free within 30 miles of Nashville, and $1.50/mile to any location further than that. 

You are able to pick up a tent, and take it wherever you would like! This option is perfect for festivals or camping trips outside our 30 mile free delivery range. 

What is the minimum age for renters?

To rent a camper: Guests must be at least 25 years old (insurance regulations) to book through our website and Airbnb.

To rent a tent: Guests must be at least 18 years old. 

What are the rental requirements?

To hold a reservation, a major credit card must be on file. 

Renter must have major credit card and picture identification.


Renter must be present at time of pick up and name must match name on credit card being used to pay for rental.

Are pets and smoking allowed?

Yes, we do allow dogs! There is a $25 cleaning fee. Please be careful of the vinyl seat cushions. If there is damage, the credit card on file can be charged up to $500 to pay for repairs. 

There is no smoking allowed,  our campers and tents are smoke free. 

Can you deliver the camper or tent to the campsite for us?

We can deliver the camper or tent to your camping destination in the Nashville area and set it up for no additional charge.  If you are planning a further delivery greater than a 30 mile radius of Nashville, we charge a $1.50/per mile delivery fee. We only charge this fee one way, just for the delivery miles, and will be collected on the day of delivery. For all deliveries greater than 100 miles from Nashville, a two-night minimum will be required.

Can I take a camper into Bonnaroo?

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver campers into Bonnaroo. The festival has very strict rules on deliveries for outside vendors, so we are unable to provide campers for this event.  The good news is we have air conditioned tents available! They can be picked up and taken into Bonnaroo. We even have a special Bonnaroo package. Contact us for more details.

Do you offer early check in times?

We are very flexible with check in times. It depends mostly on the campgrounds availability. We will work with each individual to set up a check in time based on our availability and on the drop off location. Delivery times are set on a first come first served basis.

What if the dates that I want are unavailable?

We are a small company that loves to travel as well! Sometimes a date is blocked because we are out of town. Please contact us by phone, text, or email to see if a special arrangement can be made. 

What about security deposits and cancellations?

If there is damage, the credit card on file can be charged up to $500. If the travel trailer or bell tent is left in reasonable condition with no damage done, the entire security deposit will not be charged. 


Camper  and tent cancellations: will result in a $50 non-refundable amount charged to the credit card. 

Special Events (ex: festivals) and holidays: Cancellation fee will result in half the amount of your stay.


Rescheduling reservations are based upon availability.

How do I find campgrounds with the proper hookup's?

There are lots of great camping options around Nashville with proper hookup’s. For some ideas, visit our Places to Camp page or

What type of hookups do I need?

For campgrounds: When reserving a campsite, the minimal electrical hookup required for the camper is 30 amps. 50 amps works too. Either a back-in or pull-through will work for these trailers. We recommend sewer hook ups for stays longer than 2 days, but it is not required. 

For home or other deliveries: We can plug the camper into a normal household outlet, or we have super quiet inverter generators available for rent. 

Is there a bathroom, toilet or shower?

Our campers have a small all-in-one bathroom with a toilet and shower. Also most campgrounds have clean bathrooms with showers for use.   

What is included in every rental?

For our campers: Bath towels, bed linens or sleeping bags, pillows,  5 piece Lodge cast-iron cookware, plates, bowls, cups, coffee mugs, forks, spoons, knifes, measuring cups, cutting board, can opener, microwave, stove top oven, refrigerator, coffee maker, air conditioning/heat, a TV with Blu-ray player, a record player with records, and even a hammock are included for every rental.


You will need to bring food and drinks. And s'mores. 

For our tents: Cots, bed linens, pillows, decoration over the door, rugs, vintage style radio, lantern, twinkle light chandelier, air conditioning, and generator (if needed).

Where can I find more info about the Flying Ham Tea Party?

Perfect for baby showers, bridal showers, or parties! We deliver the camper AND a tea set to your location! Head over here to learn more! 

Do you offer gift certificates?

We do! Each certificate is hand made, so it can be adjusted to your event (Christmas, birthday, just because...). Contact us at or buy it online at our Ham Store.

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