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Music Videos!

Did you know The Flying Ham has been in four music videos?! Check out below to watch the videos. If you're in the need of a small trailer for use as a "green room" or mobile office, our Hams will keep you cool, comfortable, and in style during your production. Every Flying Ham camper has heat/AC, a refrigerator, microwave, TV, and a record player!


"Stoned" by Sarah Ames featured two of our campers! Our 16ft red Ham and our 16ft green Ham!

Follow Sarah Ames on Instagram @sarahames


"Dancing on a Glass Floor" by The Fell featured our 19ft red Ham!

Follow The Fell on Instagram @thefellmusic


"White Trash Without the Trailer" by Caryn Lee Carter. Our little green camper makes it's first music video debut!

Follow Caryn Lee Carter on Instagram @carynleecarter


Grand Ole Opry member, Chris Janson, also rented a Flying Ham for the video of his hit song "Fix a Drink." Although the camper was mostly used as a mobile office for behind-the-scenes work, our red ham does make a quick cameo appearance in the video!


We love living in Music City- hopefully we'll get the chance to be in more music videos. Stay tuned!

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